Hailsham Town Council invites local residents to attend its next Neighbourhood Planning public engagement events which will be held at the Civic Community Hall in Vicarage Lane on Friday 11th August (10am-noon) and Friday 18th August (2pm-4.30pm).

Residents will be able to find out more about the draft policies of the Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan at both consultation events and help the Neighbourhood Planning Committee identify priorities for local infrastructure and other provision in the future.

More information about the neighbourhood planning process will be available, including the Committee’s achievements to date and residents will have the opportunity to view maps and display stands, ask Committee members any questions about the way forward with the Plan and have their say on how future housing development can best be accommodated in the future.

Free softplay equipment will be available for children aged 0-5 years at both events.

More information on both public engagement events will be announced in the coming weeks.

“The Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan is our opportunity to plan the future of our town and we would like as many interested people as possible to attend the public engagement events in August, find out more what this all about and see if you can contribute,” said Councillor Glenn Moore, chairman of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee.

“Although the Town Council is responsible for leading the process, it is our commitment, by way of public consultation exercises such as these, that residents and the community at large determine our town’s future, its design, provision of facilities and infrastructure needed to support future housing growth.”

“The opinions and findings of everyone who has taken part in our consultations to date have been addressed and I’d encourage residents to come along in August and be part of the neighbourhood planning process.”



  • 31st July 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Keep large shops (i.e. supermarkets and department stores) out of the town centre. Keep vehicles out of town centre as much as poss. to minimise traffic air pollution hanging in the centre.
    more trees to clean the air and add feel good factor and encourage wildlife. Large parks and walkways with trees and bushes and wildflower /picnic areas.
    Water/ponds are also good for wildlife and the people feel good factor.
    Encourage walking and cycling not road traffic.
    Free carparks to encourage visitors from outside.
    Good quality individual shops not Pound Stores etc
    Any new buildings to be eco and interesting not bog standard ugly as has been the case up to now too often in Hailsham
    Maintain any old buildings that have survived the disastrous planning of the past.

  • 4th August 2017 at 3:02 pm

    We need more housing urgently and more business units
    It is vital that more housing is built quickly and the planning department have a 5 year supply
    This policy of no new build is crazy and will turn hailsham into a dying town with no growth or young people or families

    Please keep the area as a thriving growing community

  • 4th August 2017 at 6:52 pm

    Let’s build houses and businesses for the next generation, let’s stop the negativity and help our kids have homes and jobs , our generation is depriving
    a whole generation of housing and jobs .

  • 9th August 2017 at 12:20 pm

    It would have been good if you could have held these consultations at a time when people who work could have attended. There is not even any during a lunchtime let alone an evening. How many residents of Hailsham will not be able to attend and therefore be involved in the consultation process? Was this not considered when arranging these to give the opportunity for a fair representation of the views of full cross section of society?

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